Plan your visit



The entry of cars and motorcycles onto the road from Lukov to the locality of Příčky and further to the ruins is forbidden! Vehicles can be parked freely at the end of the village, either at the car park opposite the “U Hrádku” guesthouse, or next to the last house in Lukov before the sign signifying no entry to motor vehicles. Both parking areas are about 3 kilometres from the ruins and are not supervised.

Handicapped motorists with a ZTP pass with their cars properly marked can go as far as the edge of the forest – to the unguarded parking area at the locality of Příčky (about 2 kilometres from the ruins).
In the village of Podmolí visitors can leave their cars on the square or at the signpost for tourist routes, or at the pond (near a seasonal restaurant). The distance from the castle is not quite 4 kilometres.

Between the villages of Podmolí and Lukov there is a small parking area at the crossroad by the bunker, near to the bus stop (about 3 kilometres from the castle).



For wheelchair users the last half kilometre of the rocky sunken road to the ruins is the most demanding. Wheelchair access is possible only to the large courtyard between the two castles. In the case of interest in a tour we recommend contacting the administration of the ruins which will try to be accommodating and on request while attempt to meet the specific individual needs of the handicapped. 


Dogs are allowed in the premises of the ruins only when on a lead and under the constant supervision of their owner. It is not permitted to tie them up and leave them unsupervised. There is no dog-minding service.


Cyclists can leave there bikes ay the main entrance where there is also a stand to lock them to. There is no security service provided.

Child facilities

There are no special facilities for children in the ruins (changing table or children’s corner).


There are no refreshments available at the ruins or nearby. This is not possible due to the strict rules governing staying in and moving around the first zone of the national park.

There are two facilities (pubs) available for visitors in nearby Lukov - Hospoda U Hricků and Stodola u Čabalů. In the nearby winemaking village of Podmolí it is possible to visit the inns Na návsi  and U Rybníka and further on – in Devět mlýnů – to take refreshment in one of the oldest and most famous vineyards in the Czech Republic (Šobes). In the more distant village of Čížov (towards Vranov nad Dyjí) there is the restaurant U Švestků.

TOURISTS ON FOOT AND BICYCLE can use the red-marked trail from Znojmo to Vranov nad Dyjí. In the locality of Příčky they should turn off on the green-marked route from Citonice, which leads up to the ruins (about two kilometres). In this context it should be remembered that the only shelter from rain is the shelter at Příčky. At present there is no option for shelter from inclement weather while waiting for a tour at the entrance to the castle.

The nearest stops for PUBLIC TRANSPORT BUSES are in Lukov (3.9 km from the ruins), Podmolí (4.5 km from the ruins) and at a bunker of the interwar fortifications between Lukov and Podmolí (3 km from the ruins). These serve the bus route IDS JMK 817. Travellers on foot heading for the western part of Podyjí have to go through Lukov and then on to Milíčovice (about 4 km) – up to the stop serving buses from Znojmo to Vranov nad Dyjí, served by the route IDS JMK 816.

The nearest RAILWAY STATIONS are in Citonice (6 km from Lukov) and in Olbramkostel (6 km from Lukov). The nearest express train link stops at the station in Šumná (8 km from Lukov).

The nearest BORDER CROSSING for four-wheeled vehicles is in the village of Hnanice (23 km from Lukov). There is a nearer crossing at Čížov - Hardegg (6.5 km from Lukov), but that is only for pedestrians and cyclists.

The ruins of Nový Hrádek castle are part of the Podyjí National Park quiet area. Visitors must follow the regulations in force, which among other things means that they can only move on the marked paths for tourists.